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The Company Fertico, Niš was founded in 2004 as a company producing specialized mineral crystal water soluble nutrient systems “drop by drop” and liquid formulations for nutrition of cultivated plants through the leaves. Since 2007, the company has been a part of company Agromarket Group, Kragujevac. Our brand, FITOFERT is the first domestic brand in the category of water-soluble, specialized fertilizers and soil enhancers. With its quality and FITOFERT product assortment it has gained its place in the domestic market and has been accepted by many farmers.




Each vegetable plant during its growth and development, depending on the growth stage which it is in, has a particular need for nutritional macro (N, P, K), secondary (Ca, Mg, S) and micro (Fe, B, Cu, Mn) elements. These cannot be added during the basic fertilization of soil, but during the growing season, through fertigation and foliar feeding.

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Due to high yields, fruit crops demand timely and constant nutrition by adequate fertilizers. Classic soil fertilizers have a leading role in basic nutrition, but supplementary nutrition is an inevitable factor for regular plant growth and development of fruits. By supplementary nutrition, foliar or fertigation, it is possible to fully satisfy the needs of the plants in every phenophase stage and also remove deficiencies in macro, micro or secondary nutrients.

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Kukuruz je ratarska kultura kojoj je u vegetacijskom ciklusu potrebna velika količina hranljivih elemenata (N, K, P, Mg, Ca, Zn…). Veći deo pomenutih hranljivih elemenata kukuruz će usvojiti korenom iz zemljišnog apsorpcionog kompleksa i zato je jako bitno odraditi pravilno osnovno đubrenje adekvatnim zemljišnim đubrivima prilikom zaoravanja.

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